GI Evolution Black


Macaco Branco Evolution GI is our premium GI with pearl-weave jacket and ripstop pants. It has Macaco Branco embroidery on shoulders and lower back. With this GI you will get a cotton backpack to carry your BJJ gear everywhere you go. It comes in three colours: Black, Blue and White.

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Engineered with a single piece pearl weave jacket and robust ripstop pants, the GI Evolution Black feels every bit as good as our basic GI. It boasts a durable canvas collar and all stress points are reinforced with triple stitching. Both the cuffs and lapel have an inside trim to match the trim around the base of the jacket, and the strong drawstring give the pants that extra comfort factor. Our trademark Macaco Branco white monkey is very much in evidence on both arms of the jacket and trouser legs, with our logo making an appearance too in the highest quality appliqué embroidery.

Size chart

Size chart

  A0 A1 A1L A2 A2L A3 A3L A4 A5
A 157 158 162 162 166 171 171 178 185
B 75 76 76 80 80 83 83 88 91
C 53 54 54 56 56 61 61 65 69
D 54 58 58 62 62 65 65 67 69
E 90 92 95 95 98 99 104 102 106

All measurement for Jacket and Pants in Centimeters.
Please allow 1-2cm discrepancy to all areas.

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GI Size

A0, A1, A2, A2L, A3, A3L, A4